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In Memoriam: Annie Marie

By Sarah Schneider Engmark, published on May 2nd, 2022
"Dr. Tillman was so wonderful coming out to us and treating our Annie with such kindness (my husband and myself as well). She explained her process with keeping our Annie comfortable and was so wonderful, letting us take our time loving on her until our girl took her last breath. Annie passed away so peacefully and in my arms, outside our house with the birds singing and nature all around us. We could not imagine a more loving or peaceful way to have to say farewell to our Beloved Annie than what we chose to do.

Thank you to the wonderful doctors and staff at Heaven at Home Pet Hospice that help us humans deal with such sadness and sorrow when having to make the most difficult choices at the end of our pet’s lives.

Having this loving service come to our home to be with our special pet family member is one of the greatest gifts that we have ever received.

We felt so much peace just knowing that Annie was at her own home environment surrounded by those that loved her the most💖

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Sarah Engmark "

April 18, 2022

It has been one week now since our Fur Angel Annie left our hearts broken, as she crossed over the “Rainbow Bridge” to join her sweet Sister Sydney Rose waiting for her💞.  Annie was a 5 year old French Bulldog rescue from Loveland, CO that was given up with 8 other female dogs that were used for breeding and were no longer wanted in 2015 😢😭.  My husband and I found out about the rescue dogs that needed homes, and so we were excited about looking into adopting a female rescue to be a sibling for our older female English Bulldog Sydney😁

The time had arrived for Annie and the other female dogs to be visited by potential “forever parents”. We took our Sydney with us and visited three of the dogs that we were considering to adopt. We saw Annie first, and the girls did well together, so we were very hopeful. We saw two more females, but quickly decided that Annie would be our new family member, the very best fit for us❣️ I always liked saying that, “Sydney said that it was alright for Annie to come home to live with us.”😉🥰

The girls did really well living together in our home, but in 2016 very sadly we lost our beloved Sydney when she had health problems, and suddenly died of a heart attack next to me in our kitchen💔😭.

Annie was with us to help us grieve for our Sydney, and became our only companion keeping our hearts full of her special love💗. In the times that we flew back home to MI to see our families after Sydney passed away, Annie flew with us as my “emotional support animal”, we were glued to each other from that point on!
Annie had 3 great years with us living in CO until my husband retired in 2019 and we all moved to Michigan to put down forever roots.

Annie enjoyed living in South Haven, MI with us and liked the big lake and taking walks on the beach, and playing with a favorite dachshund buddy named Belle💖
We were able to finally purchase some property and build our forever home in Lowell, MI. in 2020.  Annie enjoyed our new home with us for almost 1 1/2 years here in Lowell. She really loved our 5 year old grandson so much who lives near by. The two of them would be together often, playing together or snuggling on the sofa together❣️

A very favorite memory of Annie and her little human nephew years ago was when they were together in our grandson’s playpen together💞 Annie decided that she wanted to be with him, so she climbed through the opening, just precious‼️
Annie was such an amazing dog that brought us so much love and pure joy!!! Even though she was the dog that we rescued, Annie honestly rescued us💞🐶❣️

Love You Sweet Annie, and Miss You So Much‼️ RIP Sweet Girl, and hope you and Sydney are having a wonderful time together💖🥰🐶🐾🐾💐

We will see You again someday💐💗Always Your Momma Sarah⭕️❌⭕️