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In Memoriam: Annie

By Anonymous Pet Parent, published on September 24th, 2020
"I cannot say enough good things about Heaven at Home. From my initial phone call with Mary to Dr. Laurie coming out to the house. They were compassionate and caring and I would never choose any other way to care for my animals at the end of their life."

Annie came to my husband from Curious World Pet Store. Yes, they actually sold puppies at these stores many years ago. All her other brothers and sisters had been adopted and she was all alone. She went home that night to our family full of kids that would smother her with love. She was such a loyal girl and would always be by our side.

She lived to the healthy age of 16 which is pretty long for a Labrador. She was spunky until the end. She was always the first one to greet us at the door and to bark when it was food time. Which was always. We swear she could tell time as she always sat by the dining room window when she knew we would be home from work or school soon.

Saying our girl loved to eat was an understatement. She loved her car rides to get a doggie sundae and knew if she stuck that cute head of hers out the window far enough the drive-thru would give her chicken nuggets. Our memories of her will keep us going until we meet again. We love and miss you Annie girl. Run free pretty girl!!