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In Memoriam: Diablo a.k.a. “Ablo”

By Tammy & Matt Babcock, published on May 1st, 2023
"From the moment I first contacted Heaven at Home it was a great experience. They are very very quick to respond. They are all very thoughtful and kind. Dr. Brush is the one that came to our home and she could not have been more perfect. She did everything right and Diablo went with dignity. It's expensive, but I have zero regrets and we would use them over and over again with any of our animals. Diablo went to sleep in dad's arms and to Heaven in his own bed. Perfect."

Diablo lived a good long life, way over life expectancy, but he did really well up until the last six months, and then a steady decline. He loved to sit on the furniture with us, he loved to sleep in our bed, he adored being let loose in our back yard so he could run freely, he liked to chase cats and bunnies for fun, and he loved getting treats. He was a very fast learner from the minute we got him – he was very smart. He will be much missed. Our hearts are broken but it was time.