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In Memoriam: Frosty

By Anonymous Pet Parent, published on July 18th, 2019
"The staff at Heaven at Home has God-given gifts to perform this service, the care and compassion were heartfelt and very needed at a difficult time like this. If the final moments in aiding a beloved pet across the rainbow bridge can be "beautiful", this was it. Dr. Laurie made it a family affair as we all surrounded Frosty on the floor; he was already on his favorite comforter. Ember and Cappy stayed close while Betsy held Frosty's head.

Now Ember may have been more interested in the treats in Dr. Laurie's bag since that is where she parked herself, but Cappy, after seeking kisses from Dr. Laurie and me, laid down by Frosty's head.

Dr. Laurie carefully explained each step and patiently waited for any questions and allowing all the time needed to process and grieve the loss of losing Frosty. Frosty's crossing was very peaceful, and everything was done with the utmost respect, care, and compassion. Thank you!"

Frosty was a young energetic boy when we first got him. He loved to play and one game was stealing any article of clothing that was laying around, though he was not opposed to rooting around a pile of clothes for to find a sock. Then he would flaunt it and prance around until I chased him to get it back. When he came, we already had a husky, named Tanner, and the 2 of them had to duke it out. Tanner was older and 20 pounds lighter, so Frosty was no push-over; we always knew when Tanner nipped a little too hard as we would see him running for his life from Frosty.

Tanner loved to hunt mice and moles/voles and it was Frosty’s job to kill unless we got there first — he really liked vole-cicles in the winter. After Tanner jumped the rainbow bridge, Frosty’s thought was “Great I get all the attention now!” – that lasted 2 months, and then we got Angus. Once again Frosty had to teach his buddy to play even though he was already slowing down. Unfortunately, we only had Angus a year before he raced across the rainbow bridge.

Frosty’s latest buddies came last September, Ember, and in January, Cappy; once Cappy was acclimated and firmly part of the pack, Frosty knew his job was done. His downhill slide gained momentum once Cappy was declared healthy. A regal king and loyal companion to the end. We really miss you big buddy, but happy you are strong and healthy again.