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In Memoriam: Kayla

By Anonymous Pet Parent, published on August 6th, 2020
"We are so grateful to the staff of Heaven at Home for what they do. Our last day with Kayla came quicker than planned, and from the first call, I was treated with such compassion. They were able to accommodate us quickly as Kayla was shutting down. This was our first family dog and we are so grateful for the opportunity to have her final moments be at home with our family all around. We bonded with Dr. Katie Tillman and were so touched by her level of care and compassion. We will never forget our experience with letting Kayla go peacefully at home and could not have asked for a better person to help Kayla and our family.

Thank you, Dr. Tillman and Heaven at Home."

Kayla, Kayla, the girl with the chocolate eyes on a licorice face with a paintbrush tail is a little poem we created for our beautiful girl when she was a little pup. We adopted Kayla after the loss of one of our cats in honor of him. Kayla was an active, social, and super-intelligent dog. She opened doors (& let the cat out), jumped from high levels, and opened the gate to take off to her friend’s house. She had many friends that would stop to play in our old neighborhood in PA. We relocated to MI when she was 4 and she quickly found new friends here too. We will miss our beautiful, loyal and wise companion.