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In Memoriam: Minnie

By Kate, published on August 25th, 2021
"We were so glad we were able to have Heaven at Home help us. We could not have done it without Dr. Hoss. It was very comforting to know that Minnie would not suffer anymore. "

When we lived in St. Louis, MO we adopted Minnie, a Maine Coon mix. She could fit in your hand but grew to be 18 pounds! She was very sweet and cuddly from the minute we got her. We moved to Chicago when Minnie was 8 and she became a “city cat.” (Always inside, no worries). She adjusted to high rise living very well and loved gazing out the windows – 23 floors up! In 2018 Minnie retired with us to West Michigan – far different than the city life she knew. She was starting to slow down a bit and spent a little less time chasing catnip mice and more time snoozing. On August 2, we made the decision to help Minnie go peacefully to her final journey to the Rainbow Bridge. I loved every day of the 15 years I had with her.