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In Memoriam: Murphy

By Anonymous Pet Parent, published on July 1st, 2020
"Please definitely add this to the testimonial section! Dr. Katie came to the house after hours by request, Murphy had been outside earlier in morning for his last lake trip and we knew It was time for the old boy to rest easy. We made a comfortable spot for him in the garage all together and after the first sedative he dozed off so peacefully and started snoring!

Crossing the rainbow bridge was so peaceful for him and was made possible by the most caring, compassionate, and, quite possibly, the nicest veterinarian we have ever met! You are so fortunate to have not only her but both Kim and Kathryn helped me on the phone to make arrangements, especially the day of, I was so impressed by your whole operation and cannot thank you enough for helping us give Murphy the dignity and respect he deserved by coming to our home. A+++ to all!"

Murphy came to us at 5 weeks old from a large puppy litter of 13 yellow Labradors, he was special from the very start! Full of energy, love, and sharp wits about him. His personality was pure Lab – happy, stocky, strong, and loyal. His brother Morley came along when Murphy was almost 2 years old and it was a complete family! Being on a lake and always near water was part of our regular swimming and fetching activities, strong swimming runs in our family. He hung on for nearly 15 years and we already all miss him dearly, but we know his last day wading in the water he was in his element and will be forever. Always with you, handsome man!