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In Memoriam: Naomi

By Ben & Amanda, published on August 22nd, 2022
"We couldn't have asked for anything better. Heaven at home made this entire process a little easier."

We rescued Naomi when she was 8 years old. We knew we wouldn’t have her for very long with her already being older but we wanted to give her the best retirement home possible. We were able to give her another 5 years of a treat filled life.

It took her a few months to trust us and open up. She bloomed into this gorgeous doof. She was so gentle and patient. She loved us with her entire being and heart. She loved attention and as long as someone was petting her she didn’t care what was happening.

She loved treats, especially femur bones. Her favorite spot was the beach on Lake Michigan. She loved catching snow and chasing embers off the bonfire.

We were heart broken when we knew it was time to help her cross the bridge. Heaven at Home was there every step of the way and made this process just a little easier, especially for Naomi. They moved at our pace and let us schedule an appointment when we were ready. This allowed us to get Naomi to the beach one last time. Heaven at Home helped us give our girl the send off she deserved.