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In Memoriam: Sadie

By Anonymous Pet Parent, published on October 28th, 2020
"Sadie leaves behind her Mom, her Dad, and two sisters all of whom loved her more than they had ever loved any other dog before. In addition to her immediate family, Sadie leaves behind two sets of human grandparents, as well as her best friend canine, Roscoe, who will all miss her dearly.

She was very special."

Sadie was born in 2008 but did not make her way to our family until early 2011. Our family was thrilled to welcome in our beautiful, rambunctious new black lab, and she immediately became both a companion and an exceptional guard dog.

Sadie enjoyed opening the pantry and eating her favorite people foods, mostly bread and peanut butter. She once opened a jar of peanut butter all by herself, although her family is still not entirely sure how she managed without thumbs. In her younger years, Sadie enjoyed sneaking out the door when her young family members would open it. She would run enthusiastically through the neighborhood before eventually returning for dinner and water. Although she slowed down in her senior years, she still enjoyed a good game of fetch in the backyard. Sadie was always thrilled when a bunny or squirrel would find themselves in the backyard, as it meant that the chase was on. Although she never caught one of these small critters, she never stopped trying.

Sadie walked with our family through a marriage, the birth of a baby, a move into a new home, vacations, trips to the beach, and many other memorable and everyday events.

Sadie crossed the rainbow bridge peacefully at home on Saturday, October 24th, 2020. Despite being diagnosed with cancer, Sadie continued to enthusiastically catch treats and play tug of war until her very last day.