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In Memoriam: Sgt. Pepper

By Jenna Perry, published on May 16th, 2024
"Dr. Laurie Brush took our sad song and made it better. Sarge's passing was so peaceful and I will never forget Dr. Brush's kindness. I felt like I was handing my most precious fur baby to an angel. Heaven at home- Thank you for what you do! you are angels here on earth and we need you"

Sgt Pepper was my fur-baby and brought endless joy to our family. He was larger than life at only 10 pounds. He lived life to the fullest and didn’t slow down till 17 ; running, hiking, terrorizing neighborhood kids, and giving endless love until his final days. Sgt. Pepper taught me unconditional love and I am forever grateful to be his dog mom. He is missed by his mom, dad, his sister, grandparents, aunt/uncles, and my many nieces/nephews who adored him like their own (Thank you Clara, Ava, Soph! He loved you so). He leaves behind two doggy sisters; Mary and River who miss him!

Sgt. Pepper was a gift to this planet and left this world like a king. I miss you forever buddy.