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In Memoriam: S’mores The Cat

By Lans and Maylyn, published on April 25th, 2023
"Heaven at Home is an amazing team and facility. The care and service offered by this professional team is invaluable. The last moments with our loved one, were able to be cherished as much as possible, without traumatizing or friend and family member, with a trip to the vet. Laurie and her team are amazing people, filling an important role in West Michigan. Thank you all."

S’mores The Cat, was a family member unlike any other. The cutest and most relaxed cat we’ve known. Her calm and content demeanor often found her relaxing peacefully on the front porch or in her camping chair. She enjoyed going on nature walks in the park, while riding in the comfort of her pet cart, and riding in the convertible. Eventually this enjoyment of nature turned into an opportunity to go camping as well. She loved it! S’mores would travel with us in our VW camper van and contently observe all the goings on of the outside world. She seemed to enjoy nature on the same level as us, slowly and taking it in.

S’mores first came to me as a stray, about 9 years ago. Nothing was known of her past but I attempted to find her previous owner and get her taken care of and cleaned up in the mean time. After time went by and no one claimed this little angel, she became our child. The vet thought she seemed young, due to the condition of her pearly whites. We would later come to understand that she was much older than originally thought.

Over the 9 years which S’mores graced us with her presence, a bond was formed that I have not had with any previous pets. She was one of a kind, only wanted to love, comfort, and do the things we wanted to do… and also eat 🙂 About 5 years into our journey, she unfortunately lost her hearing, due to an inner ear infection, related to a tooth extraction. This heightened her personality, as well as sense of smell and vision. She was sure to be in the kitchen, the minute that food prep began. She also noticed most things long before our eyes would catch the motion of an animal or insect.

In her last couple years, lap time became her favorite time. She would sit patiently by the edge of the couch when we got home for the day, waiting for us to sit down, where she would immediately occupy our laps with purrs galore. S’mores got along with every person and animal out there. She was the best fur-baby to ever be in our lives and for sure will never be replaced by another. Thank you for being part of our family and impacting our lives, friend. We love you.