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In Memoriam: Willie Nillie

By Janet ellis, published on May 1st, 2023
"The vet from H at H was loving, kind and gentle during Willie Nillie's last moments. I couldn't have asked for better. 💕"

Willie came into my life as a puppy and I was privileged to be her human for 14 years. She was a Golden Retriever and the best dog in the world. We had an incredible and loving bond. At 14 on a below zero night she went out the dog door and didn’t return for some time. When I went out to get her she was laying in a snow bank. I signed her to come in (she was deaf) and she followed me in. She went out again and when I went to get her she tried to move further back in the yard. I called Heaven at Home. The vet was gentle and loving with Willie. Friends were with her during her passing and she would only let me love on her. I have had several pets travel the bridge but she was the hardest. Myself and my friends cried like babies. I think of her often. She was the most beautiful, loving, and gentle soul. Willie was a fine beast.