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Heaven at Home Pet Hospice is giving pet parents in West Michigan a place to share their stories about their departed pets. We feel that sharing and celebrating the life of your pet is an important part of the grieving process.

If you’d like to post a memorial about your pet and share your experience with us, please use the form below to send us what you’d like to say, as well as some happy photos of your pet to go along with your story.

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In Memoriam – Bianca

July 30th, 2019 by Laurie Brush

BIANCA’s Story:
Bianca came to me by way of transport from North Carolina. She was a deaf stray who was found under a deck with her three babies. She was a beautiful cat – big blue eyes and long soft white fur. We called her the LION QUEEN, as she loved the backyard. She would sit on top of the deck railing, and would chase any critters out of the yard. When she saw me she would run to me or into the house, knowing it was time to come in. She is truly missed and was the best cat I could ever asked for – I will miss her everyday. We lost her too young at 10 years old. We let her pass over in her backyard.

Your service was wonderful. I heard about the process from a friend in Florida, and my daughter’s vet recommended you. You were wonderful all through the process and her passing was absolutely beautiful.

In Memoriam – Noonan

July 25th, 2019 by Laurie Brush

Noonan’s Story:
There are certain great dogs that find you only once in a lifetime. For us that dog was Noonan, our Golden Doodle. He was truly an old soul; gentle, always calm, and confident even in the face of chaos. He was our emotional sponge, absorbing tears, hugs, joy, exhaustion and despair without ever asking for anything in return. He was ALWAYS there for our family, and made our house a home through his warmth and unconditional love. Noonan was there to guide us through our formative years. He was in our wedding, studied long hours with me during medical school, helped welcome both our children into the world, moved into our first house with us, rode in the back seat as we test drove our first car, and would always welcome me home at the end of long days of medical residency (no matter how haggard I looked). He helped define the last decade of our life, and we will be forever grateful for the memories and love he gave to our family. Keep chasing those tennis balls on the other side buddy. Thanks for guiding us through the good times and the bad; we’ll take it from here and try to live up to your impeccable standard for living life.

Thank you for giving our family member the dignified death he deserved. We will always be grateful to you.

In Memoriam: Lambeau Raue

July 18th, 2019 by Laurie Brush

Lambeau’s Story:
Lambeau was born on 11/28/2007. We brought our new Golden Retriever home as soon as he was old enough. He was a big Golden as were his parents and very laid back. Our grandchildren could climb all over him, wrestle with him, and play tug-of-war with him with his blanket and he was always ready to play. He really enjoyed when people came to visit and also the snow. Lambeau will always be in our hearts and thoughts. We love him very much.

We’re so appreciative of Heaven at Home and the services they provide. We worked with Kathryn and Dr. Amy and these two wonderful people made it possible for us to get through this situation. We cannot say enough good things about these two angels. Their compassion, thoughtfulness, and tender-heartedness for Lambeau and us through this ordeal was great. It was especially nice that Dr. Amy could come to our home to put Lambeau at rest. The entire process was so comforting and peaceful. Thank you so much.

In Memoriam: Frosty Pylman

July 18th, 2019 by Laurie Brush

Frosty’s Story:
Frosty was a young energetic boy when we first got him. He loved to play and one game was stealing any article of clothing that was laying around, though he was not opposed to rooting around a pile of clothes for to find a sock. Then he would flaunt it and prance around until I chased him to get it back. When he came, we already had a husky, named Tanner, and the 2 of them had to duke it out. Tanner was older and 20 pounds lighter, so Frosty was no push-over; we always knew when Tanner nipped a little too hard as we would see him running for his life from Frosty.
Tanner loved to hunt mice and moles/voles and it was Frosty’s job to the kill unless we got there first — he really liked volecicles in the winter. After Tanner jumped the rainbow bridge, Frosty’s thought was “Great I get all the attention now!” – that lasted 2 months and then we got Angus. Once again Frosty had to teach his buddy to play even though he was already slowing down. Unfortunately, we only had Angus a year before he raced across the rainbow bridge. Frosty’s latest buddies came last September, Ember, and in January, Cappy; once Cappy was acclimated and firmly part of the pack, Frosty knew his job was done. His downhill slide gained momentum once Cappy was declared healthy. A regal king and loyal companion to the end. We really miss you big buddy, but happy you are strong and healthy again.

The staff at Heaven at Home has God given gifts to perform this service, the care and compassion was heart felt and very needed at a difficult time like this. If the final moments in aiding a beloved pet across the rainbow bridge can be “beautiful”, this was it. Dr. Laurie made it a family affair as we all surrounded Frosty on the floor; he was already on his favorite comforter. Ember and Cappy stayed close while Betsy held Frosty’s head. Now Ember may have been more interested in the treats in Dr. Laurie’s bag, since that is where she parked herself, but Cappy, after seeking kisses form Dr. Laurie and myself, laid down by Frosty’s head. Dr. Laurie carefully explained each step and patiently waited for any questions and allowing all the time needed to process and grieve the loss of losing Frosty. Frosty’s crossing was very peaceful, and everything was done with the utmost respect, care and compassion. Thank you!

In Memoriam – Jett

June 4th, 2019 by Laurie Brush

Jett’s Story:
Jett was an amazing blessing to our family. Through all the transitions of life; education, careers, multiple moves, and multiple children, he was the constant. We had never had a dog before and he was better than we deserved. We didn’t know what we were doing at first, but he was the kind of partner that never required cages, boarding, leashes, anything. He was fiercely loyal, patient, and gentle. It was almost unfair to him, but we were able to hold him to a higher standard than just being a pet. He was family and he never disappointed. We love you Jetter and you will always be a part of us all.

Dr. Laura and the staff members we worked with (primarily Kathryn and Mary) were all amazing. They were patient, empathetic, and always took the time to answer all our questions. We truly felt they cared for our situation uniquely and could see it on Dr. Laura’s face when the time had come. We give this group so much credit to have to do this type of position daily, but even through that, they were never cold or calculated. Thank God for people like this, who made what felt like an impossible decision and time, at least bearable, so that we could do the right thing and give our family member dignity and peace at the end. There was never any fear like he would have had, had we done this any other way. We will be forever grateful for that.

In Memoriam – Mackinac Island Fall Colors

May 16th, 2019 by Laurie Brush

Mackinac Island Fall Colors’s Story:
It has been a little more than 2 weeks since our little buddy, Mackinac, went to the Rainbow Bridge…April 29, 2019. He was just shy of 15. He came to live in our hearts and home when he was just 8 weeks old.

We are just getting to the point where we can talk about the countless memories we have, without tearing up. We knew this would be difficult, but really didn’t understand how very much. Making it all the more difficult is that Mac was such a special dog. Everyone who knew him would comment that “there must be a little human somewhere inside that dog body!”

He had a wonderful life with us, and we with him. We vacationed as a family all these years, and he was a better traveler than any PEOPLE we know! He had a good old time with other dogs…dog parks and daycare. He loved exploring the woods, and you had to really keep the wild-child in control when he even looked at a beach!

Someday, we will welcome a new dog. We will have to be careful not to compare, as we will never have another dog like Mackinac.

Always knew Mac would NOT have his life ended on a cold, hard vet’s table. Knew of Heaven at Home for quite awhile. Could not have done this without Dr Laurie. You have no idea how grateful we are that you are providing this service. Thank you! Thank you!

In Memoriam – Miss Daisy

May 14th, 2019 by Laurie Brush

Miss Daisy’s Story:
I adopted Miss Daisy just two years ago. She came from a home with large dogs and was kind of pushed by the wayside, as she was just a thirteen pound little girl, and never got the love and attention she deserved. When she came to our home, she was loved and her new sister, Bella, became her best friend as though they had always been together. She loved to go for walks, even with her short little legs, having to be carried part of the way – she certainly enjoyed the outdoors. She also never missed the opportunity for a car ride. When it was time to go somewhere, she would dance around with her tail just a wagging. She certainly was a happy little girl. Miss Daisy, you will be terribly missed by your sister Bella and your mom. The good Lord will love you and take care of you until we all meet again.

Many, many thanks to Dr. Brush and her office staff. The several times I came to the office to get medicine, everyone was so kind and compassionate. A special thanks to Dr. Brush for helping Miss Daisy pass so peacefully, in my arms, where she knew she was loved. Again, thank you, you’re the angel in our fur babies lives.

In Memoriam – Ziggy Keeler

April 16th, 2019 by Laurie Brush

Ziggy’s Story:
Ziggy was a character. We met 16 years ago right after I graduated from high school. I went to the local shelter to adopt a kitten that would be my first pet to have on my own. The kittens weren’t ready so my sister and I walked around to see the kitties. I opened his cage and turned to talk to my sister. He leaped out and hung from the back of my shirt. He clearly picked me as his momma and was NOT going to let me leave without him. He was a mess. Had a terrible cold so he had a snotty nose and breath that could knock you out, but he was mine. A month later, after several experiments, we finally figured out he was deaf. This sweet boy has gone through all of my adult life experiences with me and I could always count on him. Even though he couldn’t hear me, he would always be the first to greet me with his crazy meow. He was always so happy to see me – even if I went to the bathroom he would act as if I had been gone for a week and would be happy to see me. His meow you could hear at least a block away and I had to use it several times to track him down when he escaped. He caught himself on fire more times than I can count from candles. He literally smothered me with love. He didn’t care what was going on, he just wanted to love you.

He was my best friend and I miss him so much. It has only been a week but the hole he has left is unbearable. I just hope at the end he knew that I loved him as much as he loved me.

In Memoriam – Lucky Rainey

March 23rd, 2019 by Laurie Brush

Lucky’s Story:
Lucky (aka Our Doofy) was adopted from Ionia Animal Shelter. We met Lucky after a couple dogs and fell for him immediately. We believe he truly appreciated being brought into a loving home and being treated as a family member. He let the kids do whatever with him. He was always physically close to us…had to follow us into any part of the house. He came out to the dog run and watched us as we drove away and slept by the door so he could greet us when we got home. He LOVED his family and we LOVED him. He should have lived longer than 14 years. He was strong and fit. A tumor the size of a chickpea on his spine was the culprit.

Thank you Dr Tay and Kathryn for your compassion and letting us say good-bye to Lucky the way we intended…at home, on his bed, with his family.

There is a void in our hearts and home. We miss you so much, Lucky, and love you even more. We know Grandma is taking care of you, boy.

In Memoriam – Delilah

March 23rd, 2019 by Laurie Brush

Deliah’s Story:
My dog, Delilah, was 17 years old. She had a bright and loving Spirit, but her body was old and giving out on her. We had to make the decision to let her go. She was a Corgi/Sheltie mix. She was, without a doubt, the sweetest dog EVER.

I found this quote in a book by Dr. Charlene M. Proctor. It has helped me; maybe it will help someone else:

My Pet knows that I am responsible for choosing the quality of its life. My love for this animal extends beyond any physical boundaries because love is forever. Therefore, my Pet and I exist forever. I trust that we will be together on the other side someday, and this parting is only temporary. I release this animal to the caretakers of its Spirit and trust that she is in a wonderful and peaceful place.

Dr. Brush and Mary in the office, were kind, understanding and compassionate. Their guidance and help during a difficult time was very much appreciated.

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