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In Memoriam: Jasmine

By Kathi & Joe, published on April 4th, 2023
"Thank you to all the members of Heaven at Home. They made a very difficult situation as comforting as possible. Dr. Tay was wonderful - very patient and calm. As hard as it is to let go we knew it was time. Jasmine fell asleep in my arms with no discomfort. I cannot imagine doing this any other way. I could not ask for more except to selfishly have her longer. But she is forever in our hearts. Again, thank you so much to everyone at Heaven at Home for offering this service."

Jasmine was a stray kitten who walked into our backyard (and our hearts) 14 years ago. At that time we had no intention of getting or keeping a cat. We had a Golden Retriever at the time. We tried to find the kitten a home with no luck and it was starting to get cold outside. So we put a box in the garage……and then it got colder so the box came in the mudroom………..and then she was looking through the window of our door and I said to my husband “Let’s call her Jasmine”! He said since you named her I guess she is ours.
Once she weaseled her way into our house she never wanted to leave…………until 14 years later. She filled our house with love and laughter all of those years. We were so lucky she chose us!!!